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Calories on the HCG Diet

Created: 2013-08-15

The basic weight loss equation is to expel more calories than consumed. Of course, weight loss is not quite that simple in practice. The premise with most HCG weight loss plans is to utilize the HCG diet drops with low calorie meal plan. The combination of low calorie and HCG diet drops allows the weight loss participant to lose weight fast.
The number of calories consumed on an HCG diet has always been the center of controversy with many medical and weight loss professionals. Most of the HCG diet plans call for a meal plan that consists of a calorie intake of 500 calories per day. That few calories are thought to be less than necessary to provide the valuable nutrients needed to thrive and carry on a normal day of activity such as work, school, errands or some combination of them all.

The HCG diet calorie intake is consumed for the short duration of the weight loss plan. The plan duration is anywhere from 15 to 45 days, depending on the amount of weight to be lost. The combination of minimal calories and the HCG tells your body it is time to release the body fat stored in places such as the waist, hips, thighs and buttock areas. That fat as it is released goes into calorie burn mode and accounts for the rapid weight loss, while the just consumed food is absorbed by the body and adds the nutrients and vitamins.

The typical HCG diet plan is broken into three phases. The first phase, the HCG diet drops are taken before each of three meals and a snack and the weight loss participant is not restricted in caloric intake. The dieter consumes food to capacity, eating a normal diet, whatever that may be. This phase gets the HCG into the system. The third day of the weight loss plan is the first day of the calorie controlled meal plan while taking the HCG diet drops as directed. The weight loss will begin almost immediately and participants may find they lose about a pound a day. Some dieters experience a little more weight loss while others may experience a little less.

As the plan progresses, dieters may find adjusting the calorie intake by a few calories or adjust the number of drops taken by a drop or two will optimize the weight loss without compromising hunger and health. HCG works to suppress appetite, control hunger, kick start metabolism and increase energy levels if the plan is followed as directed.

The third phase kicks in when the time frame, 15 to 45 days has been reached. For the next three days the weight loss participant consumes the same low calorie meal plan, but without the HCG diet drops. This allows the HCG to be completely out of the dieters system and then normal eating can continue. However, by this time there should be a new normal of eating. The dieter will have trained their body to consume less calories and make healthier food choices for the all important maintenance phase where the weight loss is maintained.