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Diet Drops: Are they Safe?

Created: 2012-09-27

Diet drops have been a point of discussion and controversy since they first came on the market. However, there will always be opposing sides debating their own point of view forever and a day, if necessary, advocating for their point of view to be the accepted standard.

HCG diet drops are useful as a diet supplement in concert with an extremely low calorie diet. Some argue that consuming a very low calorie diet will result in weight loss regardless of supplements used.  HCG has the ability of eliminating the feelings of hunger and changing the way the body metabolizes fat. HCG met approval by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of infertility and for other purposes such as weight loss. Homeopathic HGC is made by diluting HCG, but is not regulated by the FDA.
Homeopathic HCG diet drops contains so little of the original HCG; it poses no threat, and there is always the question if any HCG is present at all. In strong doses that are only obtained through prescription, some experts maintain HCG redistributes the fat rather than turning it into energy. There are unverified reports that suggest HCG has been responsible for blood clots and sensitivity in men and women, headaches and depression. A low calorie diet will also put dieters at risk for lethargy and malnutrition.
HCG diet drops are proven to be safe for anyone at any age, provided the entire diet program is followed according to the directions. There will be some side effects that may be incurred such as headache, slight dizziness and hypertension due to less calorie intake. 
Diet drops have been prescribed by doctors to obese patients in need of serious weight loss. The weight loss is only as permanent as the level of dedication that is put into the program. Diet drops do not do it alone. Weight loss is the right combination of diet drops and nutrition geared toward burning fat and turning it into energy. Used as directed, diet drops will aid in that effort safely and effectively. It is always wise to check with a Doctor before beginning any weight loss program, but it is especially essential before embarking on a strict, low calorie diet, as well. Some Doctor’s prefer to monitor their patients while on a low calorie diet.
One of the most asked questions is “can I exercise while taking HCG diet drops?” The answer to that is limited exercise is encouraged while on such a diet. A 500 to 800 calorie a day diet is not enough caloric intake to support a strenuous workout. It will cause the body to burn more energy than is stored in the body and begin chipping away at muscle mass. Such exercise will cause the body to literally starve. Walking about 15 minutes a day three or four days a week at a moderate pace is acceptable, but anything more than that will cause undue stress and strain on the body, as well as contribute to serious side effects.
The upshot of the deal is diet drops are considered safe when used only as directed for the duration of time prescribed. Using the product correctly is the responsibility of the user. It is always important to know exactly what is being ingested and how it works. Any new diet drops to come along should not be used with a full investigation regarding the contents and the volume of the contents, how and when the product should be used and the consequences that will occur through misuse.