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Diet for Fast Weight Loss – Why HCG is better

Created: 2013-04-30

Fad diets and crash diets are often used for fast weight loss. Quick weight loss methods might be used to lose a few pounds for a special occasion or to fit into an outfit one more time. The one problem with such diets is they require consuming almost no nutrition and vitamins for the required duration. These types of weight loss programs are nothing more than dangerous methods of weight loss.

If a weight loss participant is looking for diets for fast weight loss, should look no further than the HCG weight loss programs. The diet protocol promotes quick weight loss with an assist from HCG diet drops. The program is a short duration diet program where the dieter consumes three low calories meals and a snack each day, along with the required number of drops before each meal.

The combination of the diet drops and a low caloric meal plan, allows a dieter to lose up to as much as a pound a day, instead of the recommended a pound a week. The short duration of the plan is a direct result of quick weight loss. The time frame to lose weight is usually between 15 and 30 days. A second round of dieting to lose additional weight can be resumed after a three month rest from the first round.

The philosophy behind the HCG weight loss program is the dieter is teaching their body to consume fewer calories on a regular basis, thereby making it easier to maintain that weight loss for the long term. The dieter is also learning about food through the available recipes and meal plans and putting together the right combination of foods to maximize calorie burn. Learning to maintain weight loss is the key to preventing its return. The HCG diet is one of the few fast weight loss diets that shows the dieter how to diet effectively and keep the weight off. With any diet, a change of lifestyle is often required along with developing a better relationship with food in order to be successful The HCG weight loss program provides the necessary education and tools to help a dieter do just that.

For all the above reasons makes the HCG weight loss program the best diet for quick weight loss. The dieter uses HCG diet drops along with a low calorie meal plan to drop the pounds quickly in a short duration of time. Dieters learn to consume fewer calories after the weight loss portion has ended and along the necessary tools acquired during the weight loss process, are able to stay trim and healthy for the long term.