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Effective Tricks and Tips for Weight Loss

Created: 2013-02-01

It does not matter what kind of a diet you are on, losing weight does not have to be a torturous experience. There are ways to make being on a weight loss program tolerable and even almost enjoyable. Some of the best weight loss tips are simple and you might be surprised at their level of effectiveness.

1) Losing weight with a friend or family member is an effective way to lose weight. Dieting almost always work best with support. Even the best weight loss programs encourage team work. If you feel the urge to fall off the diet train, your buddy in diet will be there to catch you before you fall and you do the same for them. The urge to give in to cravings only last for a few minutes. Making a phone call will last longer than the craving, even if you just leave a message.

2) Keep track of your weight loss on a regular basis. Some of the best weight loss programs advocate not weighing yourself every day, but if you are on a rapid weight loss program, checking your weight regularly, either daily or very other day, will alert you to a plateau or a weight gain. You will have the time to adjust your diet before the effects outweigh the effort.

3) One of the tips best for weight loss is instead of keeping snacks in the cupboard, make an adventure out of getting a snack and walk, ride your bicycle or drive, preferably walk or ride your bicycle to whatever snack haven has the treat you must have. Sometimes thinking of the effort that has to be put forth is sometimes enough to make that particular craving go away. If not, you will get a little exercise in the process.

4) Another best weight loss tip is if you go out to dinner always order fish and if it comes with potato ask if you can substitute a salad in its place. If substitutions are not allowed, order plain brown rice. Another option is to order a child’s portion, if possible. That will help minimize calories and not ring your calorie bell for the day. Sometimes dinner out cannot be avoided, but it does not mean it has to be a diet wrecker.

5) Stress can be detrimental to a diet if you are one to soothe stress with food. One of the best weight loss tips is to reach for your favorite CD and listen to music or a good book and read a few chapters instead of reaching for a moon pie. If you would rather exercise your stress away, take a walk or a bike ride.