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Effective Weight Loss with HCG. Is it Real?

Created: 2013-04-11

There are varying opinions on the effectiveness of HCG as a weight loss supplement and it will probably be debated until the end of time. Most medical professionals conclude using HCG under a doctor’s care is an effective weight loss supplement and safe, but used by individuals it is considered a poor solution for weight loss. While most effective weight loss plans include a balanced diet and exercise, the HCG diet includes a well balanced meal plan, although it is low in calories, accompanied by the diet drops, but not a traditional exercise program. The fact that the meal plan is extremely low in calories and a hormone by the name of HCG is included in the program makes it a nontraditional weight loss program.

People who have used HCG, found it to be a fast effective weight loss program. It is a short duration program and one of the most effective weight loss diet programs on the market. The difference between the HCG diet and just about all others is the three phase approach to the program.

The first phase of the program is the prep stage. The dieter begins taking the diet drops before each meal for two days, while continuing their normal eating habits. This phase gets the drops into the dieters system and ready for the second phase. Phase 2 begins the actual weight loss. The meal plan starting on the third day of the program is low in calories. The last phase of the weight loss program is the maintenance part of the program. After the weight loss goal is achieved, the dieter has trained their body to consume fewer calories and make healthier food choices. As long as the dieter does not return to their old eating habits, they will have the ability to maintain a healthy weight and better all around health.

Part of the HCG’s effective weight loss plans is the dieter’s ability to lose pounds quickly. That provides a great deal of motivation for the dieter to see results almost immediately. It is often the catalyst to keep the dieter focused and on track when losing weight. This is especially important if the dieter has tried to lose weight before and did not succeed. If anyone reads the many available reviews of the HCG weight loss plans and the diet drops, it is easy to see there are a great many satisfied customers who have managed to lose weight and as a result felt better about their new found thinness. After completing the program dieters have the tools to keep the pounds off for the long term.