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HCG Diet Explained

Created: 2013-09-30

HCG, or known by its scientific name Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a naturally occurring hormone. Through research and study, HCG is proven to assist in weight loss when coupled with a meal plan low in calories. HCG is used as a diet supplement and for all intense and purposes, it is considered a dangerous way to lose weight because of the quick manner weight falls away.

One of the points of success in a weight loss plan is the way stored fat is regulated and eventually metabolized. Used as a weight loss tool, the HCG diet explained simply is HCG signals the release of stored, abnormal fat for calorie burn rather than burning normal and structural fat as its primary energy fuel. Burning the stored fat first also prevents the body from burning muscle mass and preventing loss of muscle tone. The result is quick weight loss without compromising the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to stay healthy.

Weight loss specialists see the HCG weight loss plan as extreme dieting, but the HCG extreme diet is an effective method of weight loss and undertaken for a short duration of time. Most quick weight loss methods rely on calorie depravation to trigger weight loss. While it is true lack of calorie consumption will help with weight loss, it also compromises muscle mass and muscle tone as well as eliminates the necessary vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy.

According to the HCG diet manual, the weight loss plan is broken into phases. Phase One is called the loading phase. The weight loss participant eats a normal diet and calorie consumption for two days while taking the HCG weight loss product as directed. This loads the HCG into the system and prepares the body for weight loss when Phase Two kicks into action.

Day three welcomes the start of the low calorie meal plan with the continued use of the HCG product. The combination of the HCG supplement and low calorie meals metabolizes the stored fat cells to burn first and supply the body with the necessary energy to carry out normal daily tasks. HCG is also an appetite suppressant and that is an additional bonus when losing weight is the objective. Weight loss participants can expect to lose about one pound a day during the duration of the program. Of course, actual results will vary with each person. The program is undertaken for a short period of time, usually between 15 and 45 days. If more weight is to be lost, participants are urged to leave at least a 30 day gap between dieting sessions to allow the body to recover from weight loss. During the off diet stage, participants are urged to eat a sensible and healthy diet. Returning to pre-diet eating habits will only return the weight that was lost.

Phase Three is the maintenance time frame for the diet. The participant has trained their body to run on fewer calories than before and maintaining a healthy diet will help keep weight gain at bay. The true benchmark of a successful diet is keeping the lost weight off.