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HCG Injections are in the past, Drops are in the future

Created: 2013-05-21

In the beginning, HCG was available only with a prescription and delivered by injections administered by a doctor. The HCG was in powder form and then mixed with sterile water to turn it into liquid. HCG was found to be a weight loss promoter, but it was primarily used to treat infertility in men and women and to help obese individuals lose weight while on a medically controlled program.

HCG became a very popular weight loss program and when the product became available without a prescription, weight loss participants began using the product aggressively. It became quite the popular weight loss product and seen as the saving grace for the overweight world.

HCG injections are not without its downside. Being the only manner in which to take the product, taking injections outweighed the disadvantages associated with the injections.
The availability of HCG in oral form brought a whole new audience to the product. Oral drops are infinitely better than HCG shots. The drops are premixed and are measured with a dropper to assure the proper dosage is administered every time. The drops do not have to be refrigerated, but should be kept out of direct sunlight. The injection liquid has to be kept refrigerated and the mixed product has a very short shelf life.

There are HCG health risks related to the injections that are not found using the diet drops. The HCG must be injected into the muscle, but if it hits a vein or fatty tissue, a possible abscess could develop. The powder mixed for the injection could be ineffective if it is not mixed properly. HCG diet drops are taken under the tongue, which is free from pain, unlike injections. There are definite side effects associated with injecting the HCG and include muscle cramps and soreness, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, pain and irritation in and around the injection area. HCG drops do not have any of these side effects associated with them.

Just from a convenience standpoint makes the HCG drops preferable over the injections. There is no preparation or clean up time involved with using injections. Needles have to be disposed in a safe manner as prescribed by the local Board of Health, including putting used needles in certain types of containers. Some states require needle disposal only at certain collection site, while other states allow needle disposal in everyday household trash if the needles are put in the proper container.