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Healthy Weight Loss Foods

Created: 2013-05-06

Making the right food choices is crucial to the success of a weight loss plan. Fewer calories consumed means less weight gain and an increase in energy levels. Most HCG diet plans include a list of diet friendly foods and recipes that make up the meal plan portion of the healthy weight loss plan. The HCG diet plan includes healthy weight loss foods such as lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables and low fat dairy. A simple meal may be a portion of lean protein with a side of a green salad or vegetable. Fruits and vegetables will help maximize the necessary minerals, vitamins and other necessary nutrients to help limit the consumption of starches and fats.

A sample meal plan will include breakfast, lunch and dinner and a snack if the munchies start banging at the door. Breakfast may be a cup of tea or coffee with no sugar and only one tablespoon of milk. (Milk is only allowed once every 24 hours). If a sweetener is necessary, the only recommended sugar substitute is Stevia while on the HCG diet.

Lunch may be 100 grams (3-1/2 ounces) of protein such as veal, beef, chicken breast, white fish, or shellfish such as crab, shrimp, prawn or lobster. Once in a while, eggs can serve as the meals’ protein. In addition to protein, lunch can also include a handful of vegetables such as chard, spinach, chicory, greens, onions, radishes, fennel, celery, cucumbers or cabbage or asparagus. Once serving of fruit such as medium apple, mid size orange, one half grapefruit or 10 medium strawberries and a Melba Toast or a Grissini breadstick will round out the meal.
Dinner will include the same meal options as lunch. It is important to mix it up when choosing a lunch or dinner. Too much of the same food over and over again will become boring and make meal time a tedious event rather than an adventure in eating.

Healthy weight loss diets also a variety of seasonings such as the juice of one lemon, salt and pepper, white vinegar, mustard powder, basil, garlic and thyme and cider vinegar. The seasonings should always be used sparingly and just enough to taste. If you use prepackaged spices, always check the ingredients to make sure it does not contain anything not diet friendly.

The HCG diet plan always includes healthy weight loss recipes. If you are not a cook, it is always recommended to learn a few basic cooking skills and have a hand in making your meals. Lunch and dinners can be made up ahead of time and refrigerated or frozen so they are ready at a moments notice.