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How Diet Drops Affect the Body

Created: 2012-09-27

Anything introduced into the human body affects that body in some way. It might be a temporary side effect or it might be a long term effect that changes the composition of the body. Reviews on HCG diet drops conclude some dieters experience temporary side effects that are usually annoying than anything else and can be tolerated for a short duration of time. Weight loss program reviews note anything that produces long term affects deserves serious consideration. The intensity of the side effects of any diet drops depends on body composition of each person.

The human body stores fat and that fat is called upon when the intake of calories is lessened. Utilizing fat reserves prevents the body from starving and eliminates excessive fat reserves which results in weight loss and makes the HCG diet the most effective weight loss program. This process also resets metabolism to work effectively with the adjusted calorie intake.
Weight loss program reviews demonstrate side effects may include headache and dizziness. Both are usually brought on by a sudden change in diet and being on a low calorie diet, which introduces food choices most people are not accustomed to eating on a regular basis. Once the body adapts to the new diet, headaches and dizziness, will disappear within several days.
Most effective weight loss programs will cause bowel movements to occur less frequently and sometimes once every 4 or 5 days. Some people see this as constipation, but it is just a matter of smaller amounts of food with less material that is processed as waste. If you are sure it is real constipation, take a mild laxative, sugar free, off course, if necessary.
Some people suffer skin rashes while taking diet drops. As the body ingests fat, normal fat toxins are released, and because diet drops accelerates the speed the body ingests fat, toxins build up, and a rash may appear.
Reviews on HCG diet reveal that lack of Potassium in a diet may cause leg cramping and a reduced diet often eliminates or decreases the level of Potassium necessary to keep the leg muscles working without incident. If leg cramping occurs, Potassium supplements can be used to treat or even eliminate the symptoms.  
When using diet drops, the diet plan is typically for a prescribed time frame, such as 30 days. If that method of dieting is continued for much longer time frames, some dieters, both men and women, experience hair loss. HCG for weight loss reviews notes that in order to extend the diet to more than 30 days, the dieter must take a break equal to the number of days on the diet, before beginning another round of dieting.
People with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure can sometimes suffer adverse effects when using diet drops. A proper diet is mandatory when keeping diabetes in check, and lowering caloric intake can sometimes mess with the balance a diet higher in calories will provide. The same with high blood pressure, as some foods and a drastic change in the diet, can cause elevated blood pressure. The ingredients in some diet drops do not play well with diabetes and blood pressure medication and will only add to the adverse effects. Exercise is essential when managing diabetes and high blood pressure and exercise are certainly not encouraged when on a diet program utilizing diet drops, according to most HCG for weight loss reviews.