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How to Find and Test Real HCG

Created: 2013-09-17

When purchasing and using any product, there is always the question whether the product is the real deal or not. There are unscrupulous entities everywhere claiming to carry the real product. Unfortunately, sometimes the products are poor duplicates of the real product and serve no benefit at all. They are nothing more than a scam put in place to separate a consumer from there hard earned dollars. The ineffectiveness of the product often does nothing more than shatter the dreams of the user who often had high hopes for the product.

HCG weight loss products sometimes suffer the same ruse. It is important to be sure the HCG product you purchase is the real deal and not a useless knock off. One way to tell if you have the real HCG is to purchase a home pregnancy test. Apply a small amount of the HCG liquid on the stick and if the stick indicates a positive result, you have the real deal. Keep in mind, pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate and sometimes reveals a false positive. It might be worth running the test at least twice to makes sure of the positive result.

If the test reveals a negative, you probably have something other than true HCG. Before making the actual purchase, be sure there is a money return guarantee and follow the directions to the letter of the instructions to receive a refund. If there is no money return guarantee offered, but you still purchase the product, you will at least find out where not to purchase HCG products in the future. If you have a dollar or discount store in your neighborhood, that is a good place to purchase a pregnancy test kit.

The real HCG will make the real HCG diet effective and efficient. The real HCG will expedite weight loss and that is good news for the person who cannot wait to begin and complete the weight loss program. The original HCG diet has not changed much in the way the program works since its discovery and development. The methods of making and packaging the product has improved greatly over the years, but the program itself still offers rapid weight loss provided the weight loss participant follows the program as directed.

Weight loss requires responsible action on the part of the participant and it is important to use the HCG drops as directed. Misusing the product will result in a less than successful weight loss and possible damaging long and short term side effects. HCG used in conjunction with the recommended low calorie meal plan will assure the participant of losing weight. The amount of weight lost will vary from person to person.