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How to achieve Weight loss without exercise

Created: 2013-02-22

Even though weight loss is a function of burning more calories than being consumed and part of the burning process comes with physical exertion that ups the metabolism and encourages more calorie burn, it is possible to achieve weight loss without exercise. In lieu of exercise, weight loss has to be spurned by a diet supplement that encourages the release of stored fat to supply the fuel for the burn.

While exercise is always encouraged whether or not you are on a diet, it is possible to diet with HCG and cut out a formal exercise program. A formal exercise program would be going to the gym for a workout multiple times a week on a regular basis, or undertaking a major workout program at home a few times a week. A less formal exercise program would be going about your daily activities and perhaps adding in a walk or a bicycle ride once in a while.

HCG and diet plans discourage hard workouts as the level of intensity causes the muscle to actually breakdown and then it repairs itself and bulks up in the process. Building muscle is detrimental to weight loss as it causes the dieter to lose inches, but not weight. Building muscle and losing weight are not usually completed with the same type of diet program.

There are fast weight loss tricks that can be incorporated into any diet. One good trick is to never eat while reading, watching TV or while at the computer. Multitasking while eating will divert your attention from the task at hand and that is watching your calorie intake and allow you to consume more calories that allowed.

If you go out for a meal, do not go to a buffet, unless the offering are all lean, mean and low in calories. It is too tempting to try as many foods as possible and buffets are not built for dieters. If anything they are built for diet busting.

Make your own fresh fruit juice rather than buying it at the store. This gives you the ability to add only the ingredients you want and better control the calorie count. Another fast weight loss trick is to substitute Power Yoga instead of a formal exercise plan. This will accelerate weight loss, but not interfere with the HCG weight loss process. The HCG and diet plan will stimulate greater weight loss by consuming less than the prescribed daily calories. Because the HCG program works quickly, it isn’t necessary to hasten the process by consuming fewer calories. It is advisable to adjust the calorie intake to offset the amount of exercise you get through your daily routine.