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Quick Weight Loss tips

Created: 2013-02-01

The overwhelming weight loss theory is to lose weight slowly to have a better chance of keeping it off. It is believed to lose weight fast requires the dieter to starve themselves by eating less than an optimal number of calories and skipping meals, including not eating for days at a time. Skipping meals is effective for losing a few pounds quick for a special occasion, but the chance of the weight staying off is slim at best. Losing weight isn’t the challenge. Keeping it off is where the real effort comes in.

Using HCG to lose weight has changed weight loss philosophy. For quick weight loss, HCG diet methods is one of the more effective weight loss programs. HCG promotes quick weight loss and the HCG method is quite effective when it comes to permanent weight loss.

There are a few quick weight loss tips that, if followed, will help you lose weight.

1) Purchase your food in large quantities to realize savings and prepare all your meals at once for the day or for a few days at a time. Measure the portions out to the appropriate size and trim away any excess fat from meat. Store the food in individual bags or containers. When you are ready to eat, you will just have to heat or cook your meals, as the prep work is already completed. If you wait to prepare your meals when you are hungry, it will allow extra time to eat things you should not be eating.

2.) Add spices, except salt and sugar, to your meals to keep them from being bland and boring. B and B will throw a dieter off their meal train quickly. If you must use a sweetener, use one that has zero calories such as stevia. That includes adding stevia to coffee or tea on those rare occasions you drink coffee or tea. To perk up your water, add flavored stevia such as berry, lemon drop, chocolate or watermelon.

3) If you want to know how to lose weight fast, do not use lip gloss, chap stick or moisturizers if you suffer from dry skin. The products are not HCG diet friendly and will interfere with weight loss spurred on by the HCG diet drops.

4) Another know how to lose weight fast tip is to keep yourself busy. If you allow yourself to be bored, the hungry horrors might come knocking at your door and the temptation to indulge in the foods not very diet friendly might be too much to ignore.

5) Quick weight loss tips always include reading the labels on anything you buy while on the HCG diet. That includes not only foods, but personal hygiene products and make sure they do not include extracts, oils or fats.