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Safe Weight Loss with HCG

Created: 2013-08-04

HCG has been a point of controversy for as long as the hormone as been used as a weight loss tool. The debate continues on about the safeness of the weight loss method and whether it is among the best weight losing methods available for anyone wishing to shed unwanted pounds.

What makes HCG methods of weight loss different from other methods is the duration of time spent on the program and the limited number of calories to be consumed as part of the program. HCG diet plans are criticized and labeled as dangerous, but any weight loss plan can be considered dangerous when it involves making changes to the body.

It is thought to lose weight healthily, the process must be slow and time intensive. At one time, that was the only way to lose weight, but with new and improved methods and techniques, it is possible to lose weight quickly and keep it off without compromising health. Because the method is short in duration and uses HCG to trigger the available fat for quick weight loss, a significant amount of weight can be lost in a 30 day weight loss event. Placing the HCG diet drops under the tongue before each meal will allow the drops to be absorbed into the blood quicker and the combination of a low calorie meal and the drops tells the body it is time to lose some weight.

The abnormal weight is lost while the just consumed food provides the body the necessary nutrients to keep from experiencing fatigue while losing weight quickly and efficiently. The abnormal fat being burned provides the body with energy. If the HCG weight loss method is followed as directed for the duration of time specified, the weight loss participant will lose weight quickly and safely. The result of the program will be significant weight loss and a lesson or two in how to make better food choices and the knowledge in knowing it is possible to eat fewer calories than before and be satisfied with the meals and keep the weight loss goal intact.

The HCG method of weight loss also comes with a host of recipes suitable for the low calorie meal plan that is different and varied enough meal boredom is practically non-existent. The meals are designed to be low in calorie, but high in fiber and vitamins. Thousands of people have enjoyed successful weight loss with the HCG method are and only too happy to sing the praises of the program. The weight loss participants not only lost weight, but established healthy eating patterns that not only allowed them to maintain their weight loss goal but to maintain better health through weight loss.