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Side Effects of HCG – True or Not?

Created: 2013-04-04

While the merits of the HCG diet are fairly well documented by many weight loss participants who have used the program to drop unnecessary weight, there is still the question of the side effects as a result of using the product. There is a side effect to just about anything, but suffering a side effect does not always deem the product a failure or physically or psychologically harmful. The HCG side effects depend on the form of HCG being used. There are two forms available, injections or its oral counterpart. The injections diminished in popularity after the development of the oral drops, but injections are still being used. If the injection is not completed properly, it can cause blood clots. The blood clot is not the result of the HCG, but an improperly completed injection.

Some of the side effects of HCG drops are slight headaches and sometimes leg cramps. They usually occur for the first few days of the program and then disappear after the dieter has become acclimated to taking the drops and consuming a meal plan low in calories. The actual process that leads to headaches is the dieters body detoxifying from all the less than diet friendly food that has been consumed. Dieters can always take a headache medication to relieve the discomfort.

Leg cramps occur because of a lack of potassium and are common while on a diet. Bananas are a great source of potassium, but are not allowed on the HCG diet. However, the dieter can take a potassium supplement to solve the problem. There are great many distributors of HCG drops on the market today and it is important to purchase your HCG from a reputable dealer. Too many dealers of the product sell a bogus product labeled as HCG diet drops but are nothing more than water and alcohol or some other liquid that has no weight loss benefits. The HCG drops side effects in this case is a near starvation diet with a bogus product that in no way will perform as claimed by releasing abnormal fat to be the subject of the calorie burn and subsequent weight loss.

The upshot of the deal is products, no matter what they are, affect each person differently. The tolerance of the ingredients by each person will dictate if they will manifest in other ways such as a headache, leg cramps or anything else. It appears there are side effects possible when using HCG dist drops. There are also remedies available to counter those side effects to make them tolerable and manageable.