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Side Effects of HCG Injections

Created: 2013-04-23

At one time, HCG was only taken by injection. It was available with a prescription and administered by a doctor. The HCG was only available in powdered form and had the powder was mixed with sterile water and placed in the syringe. There are side effects of HCG injections and include mixing the powder and liquid properly. If the powder is not completely dissolved, it will prevent the injection of the entire dose or a minute particle might make it through the syringe and into the body. There is always the danger of the needle breaking off in mid placement of the injection or if the injection is not completed properly, the puncture and the surrounding area can become inflamed and perhaps even infected.

Since HCG is injected into the muscle, other HCG shot side effects include muscle soreness or the development of an abscess that is painful at the injection site if the shot is injected into a vein or fatty tissue. If a brand new, sterile needle is not used for each injection there is the risk of infection, including MERSA, a bacterial staph infection that is sometimes resistant to the antibiotics used to treat such infections. Sharing needles with others introduces the possibility of developing Hepatitis infection or even HIV.

HCG injections side effects also include creating a hormonal imbalance that can disrupt a normal mental state. The injections can also cause irritability and restlessness. Another serious side effect is the depression that can occur as a result of the HCG injections. If these feelings continue more than a week after the injection, it might be a sign the injections are to detrimental and a doctor should be consulted.

Most of the HCG shots side effects experienced with injections do not occur with the HCG diet drops. One of the main benefits of the drops are they come in liquid form and do not require mixing. They are measured with a dropper and provide the proper dosage. There is no danger of applying the HCG to the wrong area such as with an injection into a vein or tissue instead of a muscle and there is no fear of infection or swelling and soreness when the drops are taken.

Taking the HCG drops is more convenient and something each person can handle themselves, as opposed to visiting the doctor’s office to receive an injection. The HCG drops are found to be just as effective as the injections, but are less costly, due to the ability to shop around for the drops rather than have a prescription that has to be filled.