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The Best Foods for Weight Loss

Created: 2013-01-31

There are two important keys to losing weight and one is eating the right foods and the other is discipline. It is crucial for the dieter to have the necessary discipline to adhere to a meal plan and taking the necessary weight loss supplements such as HCG drops.

The best foods for weight loss are foods low in calories, sugar and sodium, fiber filled and full of nutrition. The worst foods for weight loss are foods high in calories, sugar, caffeine and sodium. Junk food, fast food and processed foods typically fall under the bad food category while lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, grain bread and water fall under the category of weight loss friendly food.

Most weight loss programs include a list of foods that are preferable to include in a diet and the HCG weight loss plan is no different. The HCG food list is helpful to those who wish to lose weight and makes food choices easier. If the food list is followed, weight loss will happen, as long as the right portions are consumed and meals are not skipped. Skipping meals to lose weight will only cause temporary weight loss. The goal of most weight loss programs is to not only lose weight for the short term, but to keep it off for the long term.

HCG diet foods are chosen for their ability to work effectively and in concert with HCG drops to achieve maximum weight loss. The foods are low in calories, high in nutrition and sparse in the elements that are detrimental to weight loss. The actual diet and the maintenance plan both include the prescribed number of calories to be consumed each day. Choosing the right combination of foods is essential to maximizing weight loss.

Part of any weight loss plan includes a smidgeon of back slide while on the diet. That is accomplished in what most diet plans call “cheat days.” If anyone on a weight loss plan feels a cheat day coming on, choose a little added extra from the HCG food list. That will compromise the diet a lot less than eating a bag of potato chips or a carton of cookies, although a few chips or a cookie once in a great while should be the exception rather than becoming the rule.

By adhering to the best foods for weight loss will assure weight loss to some degree. Consuming less calories than recommended will accelerate weight loss, but it is essential to stick to the HCG food list and eat three meals a day. Eating more calories than recommended will contribute to weight gain rather than weight loss.