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Top 10 Weight Loss Programs

Created: 2013-07-01

Weight loss is a major challenge for most people who want to lose weight or have to lose weight for medical and health reasons. There are a number of weight loss programs available today and here is a snippet for each one.

1. HCG for weight loss: HCG is a hormone produced during pregnancy and is also a proven weight loss element. The pregnancy hormone for weight loss is utilized in HCG diet plans and helps dieters lose weight fast, effectively and for the long term.

2. Diet dot com: Diet.com is an online weight loss program and utilizes the “personality diet” and is based on personality traits of the dieter. Weight loss specialists, Dr. Robert Kushna, has proved different personality types respond differently to weight loss programs.

3. eDiets dot com: ediets.com offers all the tools, management and advice necessary to allow the participant to lose weight. The program contains all the important elements of a program including fitness, nutrition and techniques that provide the necessary motivation to reach the weight loss goal.

4. Diet Watch dot com: dietwatch.com has been a leader in nutrition and diet advice for many years. DietWatch took to the Internet after the success of their offline efforts. Being online gives them the opportunity to help more people lose weight effectively and safely.

5. Sometimes the best diet plan weight loss equation is best solved with methods presented by an actual person showing the way. Jillian Michaels, life coach and fitness trainer, has been putting weight loss participants through the paces successfully through her personally developed methods. Based on strength training techniques, Michaels has helped people lose the weight they need to lose and keep it off.

6. Denise Austin is a gym instructor and professional trainer who has developed a weight loss brand that helps people lose weight, keep it off and stay fit for life. She champions healthy life styles through weight loss and has provided an effective means for overweight people to lose unwanted pounds.

7. Weight Watchers: WW has been on the weight loss forefront for many years and has helped millions of people lose unhealthy pounds and demonstrated the importance of a healthy lifestyle. WW has become an authority on weight loss comprising emotional, mental and physical health as the benchmark.

8. South Beach Diet: The diet was developed in the 1990’s by Dr. Arthur Agatston as an alternative low fat diet for his patients as they recuperated from heart surgery. The results were amazing as his patients recovery time was less than expected. The South Beach Diet works to lessen the risk of heart disease as it helps dieters shed excess pounds.

9. The Sonoma Diet: The weight loss plan was developed by Dr. Connie Gutterson, a dietician and nutritionist, and is a leading expert on diets inspired by Asian, Latin American and Mediterranean foods. The Sonoma Diet advocates consuming a variety of foods that boosts vitality and is heart friendly.

10. The Zone Diet: Created in 1995 by Dr. Barry Sears, works on the premise of consuming certain foods will keep insulin levels “in the zone” during the course of the day. Sugar levels that are stable will prevent foods from creating sugar levels that equate to weight gain. Stabilized sugar levels will help weight loss participants lose weight.