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Types of HCG

Created: 2012-09-27

HCG stands for human chronic gonadotropin. It is a hormone produced naturally by the human body and is found useful in medical treatment applications. Its most popular use is as an ingredient in weight loss product and in an HCG comparison the user will be able to choose which is best for them. HCG produces weight loss by eliminating the fat reserve rather than from muscle mass.

There are several different types of HCG including Homeopathic HCG, HCG injections, HCG shots, HCG drops and self mixed HCG. When we compare HCG, we will find there are pros and cons with every type and the choice depends on the comfort level of the person using the product and cost involved. HCG is not the most expensive diet product in the world, but the cost requires most people to give the product serious thought and consideration. It is best  always to compare HCG types before choosing the product to use.
The most popular HCG is billed as Homeopathic HCG, according to HCG diet drops reviews, are the premixed drops taken orally. The bottle comes with a measuring syringe and does not require refrigeration, but must be kept in a cool place and out of direct sunlight. There is no preparation required except to fill the measuring syringe and apply the drops under the tongue. After the drops sit for two minutes, swallow the mixture. Homeopathic HGC has a long shelf and can be used for up to five years with proper storage
Pharmaceutical HCG is available in oral or injection form. The product arrives as a powder and must be mixed with bacteriostatic water. The product can be mixed ahead of time, but has to be refrigerated to retain its potency and effectiveness. HCG drop reviews reveal this type of HCG is ideal for those that have constant access to refrigeration, but for those constantly on the go and who travel this might not be the most viable option. 
The original HCG type is the pharmaceutical injectionable mix. The product comes in powdered form and requires mixing with bacteriostatic water for the appropriate strength solution. The preparation area must be sterile, and the user must be properly trained in the use of a syringe or find someone who is and will deliver the injections. The user is required to supply the syringes, one per use for the duration of the program, bacteriostatic water, one 30 cc sealed vial, preferably amber in color, 1 box of alcohol pads to swap the area before injection and a large mixing syringe and needle. Because of the time it takes to prepare the solution for injection, this type of HCG fell out of favor extremely quickly, once the HCG drops were introduced to the market. This product requires refrigeration and the user can expect moderate pain during the injection process. The injections are best placed in the rear hip, stomach or leg. The mixture should not be injected into arteries or veins.
A third type of HCG is the sublingual self mixed variety. The interesting thing about this type is twice as much of the product is needed than for HCG injections. This product requires refrigeration and comes in powdered form. The product must be mixed with bacteriostatic or distilled water or B-12 and 2 cc’s of gin or vodka, reportedly used to help with absorption. The user will also need to supply a 1 ounce amber bottle for storing the mixture and a large and small mixing syringe. The mixture is taken twice a day, according to the appropriate volume and taken with a measuring syringe. The mixture is placed under the tongue and left in place for two minutes before swallowing.
In an HCG comparison, all HCG products work effectively, but some bodies metabolize one type better than the other and it may take a second try to find that out.
HCG Ultra Diet Drops reviews find people who use the Ultra drops are exceedingly happy with the way they work. The product comes bottled in liquid form and measured with an eye dropper rather than a syringe. The program requires taking the Ultra Diet Drops before each meal for the duration of the 30 day program. Using the Ultra Diet Drops requires the user to drink 100 ounces of water  and eat 3 low calorie meals per day that add up to a total of 500 calories. HCG Ultra Diet Drops do not need to be refrigerated, but should always be kept in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
How does HCG compare to other diet products? According to the HCG diet drops reviews, if the product is used as directed and the plan is followed as outlined, weight loss will result. The amount of weight loss will vary from person to person, but the results will be noticeable.