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Weight Loss Products for Women

Created: 2013-08-04

Men and women gain and lose weight differently and not all the weight loss products are tailored for a specific gender. What works great for men might not be as effective for women and the same can be said for weight loss products developed for women may not be as effective for men. Most of that has to do with biology and the way the human body processes food.

Weight loss products women friendly, are tailored specifically for women and how their bodies gain and lose weight, process food and respond to exercise. Weight loss products developed just for women are designed to work with women’s hormones and provide efficient and safe weight loss. One such product, and one of the newest weight loss products for women, is Lipo 6 Hers. It is a weight loss supplement designed just for women and helps burn calories in two phases. The first phase kicks in right away and the second phase is delayed for a few hours. The supplement promotes weight loss and contains weight loss proponents such as hoodia, synephrine and yohimbine. The levels of ingredients contained in the supplement are adjusted based on women’s tolerant levels of such products.

Another product designed for women and weight loss is Allmax Rapidcuts Femme Drink Packets. The product is mixed with water to create a tasty weight loss drink ideal for the person on the go. The ingredients contain stimulants such as yerba mate, green tea extract and caffeine to kick start metabolism. Higher metabolism means more calorie burn and more energy as a result and that translates to more physical activity and greater weight loss. The product also contains banana extract to assist in weight reduction and cinnamon extract for better control of blood sugar. Like other products, Allmax is designed with levels of ingredients adjusted to suit women’s chemical makeup and response to weight loss products.

There are other weight loss products women friendly and include Isatori Curvelle. The product works to increase fat burn and decrease fat accumulation. The product contains cinnamon extract to help control blood sugar and reduce food cravings. The product also contains green tea extract and caffeine, but does not contain other stimulants often found in products designed for men and products designed for generic use. To decrease fat deposits from accumulation, the product also includes raspberry key tone supplements. The combination of ingredients works to help women burn fat more efficiently in an effort to lose weight effectively.